Gulliveo Guide - Understanding Gulliveo in 6 Steps

1. Download Gulliveo Client

In order to use the Gulliveo Platform, you first have to download the Gulliveo Client. This is necessary to upload videos.


2. Registration on the Gulliveo Platform

You must agree to the terms of use and register as a supplier to be permitted to upload videos. (Please note: If you register only as purchaser, you will not be able to share content!) After your registration you will receive an e-mail. Please follow these instructions to complete your registration.


3. Gulliveo Cient - Login

After you have fully registered, you can log in with your user name and password to the Gulliveo Client to manage your video content. A parallel login on the platform is not required.

Under „Encode“ you can use the „Add files“-button to select your video and then encode into your desired size. Under „Upload“ you can see the videos that you want to upload. This process can be controlled manually (e.g. you can always interrupt your upload and return later). Under „Download“ you can find the videos that you have bought and downloaded. The „Export“-button shows you which content has already been exported and is now ready to play.


4. Gulliveo Client - Setup

Under „Setup“ you can choose a folder for your videos. Your content will be saved in the folder automatically.


5. Login on the Gulliveo Platform

Please sign in on the Gulliveo platform with your user name and password to get access to all TV Content that is shared on the site.


6. Videomanager

By clicking „My Gulliveo“ -> „video administration“ -> „videos“ you will get an overview of your uploaded videos. Under „Edit“ you have the possibility to add files for more information or/and to provide every single video with accurate details (description, genre, style, language, production country/year, location, keywords, price)


7. Questions

For any questions please contact our helpline or use our contact form - you'll find all information here: -> Support.