Enterijer Jankovic Promo 2017

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Enterijer Jankovic Promo 2017
Trailer: Enterijer Jankovic“ is a European managed company, based in Novi Sad, Serbia, which execute and manage a range of services such as manufacture of complete interiors, furniture and accessories for interiors, construction and joinery manufacture, superior quality Turnkey Interior Contractors Service and support on design co-ordination in the field of furniture, furnishings, lighting and interiors for any environment be it commercial, corporate, private or residential. Due to the individual approach in production, Enterijer Jankovic can respond to the widest range of requests in terms of design, shape and dimensions of the desired product, regardless whether you need a piece of furniture, doors, windows or a completely equipped and furnished high-class facility.
Long Despcription:
General Information
Genre: Architecture, Business, Fashion
Style: Press Kit
Topic: Enterijer Jankovic
Available Languages: Serbian
Country of Production: Serbia
Shooting Location: Serbia
Year of Production: 2017
Keywords: accessories, construction, design, Enterijer, Europe, facility., furnishings, furniture, high-class, interior, Jankovic, lighting, manufacture, Novi Sad, Serbia, superior quality, Turnkey

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Audio Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz
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